How To Pack a Special First Day of School Lunch!

This back to school season, pack an extra special first day of school lunch to surprise your kiddo!

Hi friends,

It’s back to school season and the first day of school is quickly approaching!

I know most parents have a million and one things running through their head. The last week or so of summer break is always a mad dash to make sure everything is ready for that first day back!

Luckily, if you have our back to school checklist, you’re probably way ahead of schedule. Now you can focus on fun ways to make their first day back extra special.

A great and easy idea is to pack a fun first day of school lunch! Here’s how..

Special First Day of School Lunch

1. Sprinkle Sandwich

I think sprinkle sandwiches look harder to make than they actually are.

Making a sprinkle sandwich is actually extremely easy to make and adds a really special element to any lunch!

Here’s how to make a sprinkle sandwich:

Cut bread into whatever shape you want
Using a small cookie cutter cut one side of the bread
Add peanut butter (or sunflower butter depending on school rules) and jelly
Put the sandwich together
Use the cutout as stencil
Add sprinkles into the cut out

That’s it – super easy!

2. Make fruits and veggies fun

Another extremely easy way to add some fun to your lunch!

Use mini fruit and veggie cutters to make little shapes.

Tip: Whatever fruit or veggie your using try to find a way to cut them into flat surfaces about 1/2 an inch thick!

3. Add their favorite foods

This part is easy!

Add in the rest of the favorite food.. My daughter loves and requested pretzels with hummus and snapea crisps!

If your lunch box has a small section in the middle, you can add a small treat too!

4. Use alphabet picks

We found these this year and they are already a new favorite!

I recommend picking up two sets at least so that you have a bit more freedom in what you can spell. Since my second set has’t arrived yet I was a bit limited on what I could say lol.

I went with “grade” to add under the number one sprinkle sandwich since she’s going into first grade!

5. Finish with a lunch box note

Lastly, add a sweet little note!

Lunchbox notes are something my daughter says she always that she loves.

We have a couple cute lunch box note printables you can grab here! These are super easy to print out and cut. Flip them over and add a little “happy first day of school” letter to them!

This post was all about how to pack a special first day of school lunch for your kid!

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