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10 Cheapest SR22 Insurance in 2022 For Cars

Why would you need any of the cheapest SR22 insurance? There could be several reasons for that, especially attaining driver points.
A driving license gives one legal authorization to drive. The state assigns checks known as license points to a driver’s license to keep track of a driver’s driving habits.
The moment a driver engages in traffic default, he attains a point. Amassing too many points can lead to one’s license being temporarily suspended or revoked, thereby terminating a driver’s right to drive.
An SR22 required from a driver may be due to accumulating many license points or other factors.
If an SR22 has been required from you by your state, then you must be wondering what it will take to get one.
Worry no more; we have made a comprehensive list of the cheapest SR22 insurance in 2022.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 is often misconceived as a certificate of insurance; no, it is not this. An SR-22 is a legal document that proves financial authority in any case of a car accident. It shows a driver has purchased or has the state’s minimum car liability insurance requirements.

The requirement often varies from location to location. For instance, in Florida and Virginia, a similar form of SR-22 is called an FR-44

Who Needs An SR-22 Certificate

The reason for receiving an SR-22 can vary from state to state.

For instance, in Texas, drivers file an SR-22 with the state insurance department if a license was withdrawn because of a car mishap. The second reason may be receiving a second or subsequent conviction for not having liability insurance or a civil judgment filed against the driver.

In Arizona, a driver seeking reinstatement under some scenarios may submit an SR-22 instead of paying $40,000 in cash or certificates of deposit.

The state of Washington requires SR-22s for people who have forfeited bail for certain offenses, failed to pay judgments, or have driven or owned a vehicle involved in a car mishap.

There are other reasons one can receive an SR-22 requirement order from a court or state. This factor results in a quest for the cheapest SR22 insurance in 2022. Below are some of them:

A Department of Motor Vehicle may require an SR-22 from a driver to reinstate their right to drive following an uninsured car accident or conviction of another traffic-related offense, such as Driving Under The Influence.

The state or appropriate bodies may require an SR22 for a three years conviction of driving without insurance. Another cause may be driving with a suspended license and up to five years for Driving Under the Influence.

There may be a requirement for an SR-22 when a driver causes too many accidents or drivers without insurance.

An SR-22 may be required when a driver does not pay for court-ordered child support.

A driver may be required to get an SR22 if his license is revoked, suspended, or faces a hardship license.

There may be a requirement for an SR-22 when a driver faces severe traffic or reoccurring traffic offenses.

Let’s get more information regarding the cheapest SR22 car insurance in 2022.

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How To Get An SR-22 Certificate

An SR22 document shows a driver has the minimum car insurance requirement. You need car insurance to get the cheapest SR22 car insurance in 2022.

The car insurance policy needs to have the least amount of liability coverage your state requires.

For instance, you may need minimum liability coverage of $30,000 in body injury per person, $60,000 in body injury per accident, and $30,000 in property damage.

Other liability coverage types may be optional depending on the state that issues the SR22 order. Generally, extra liability coverage promises more financial protection when involved in an accident.

Here is an outline of the process to acquire one of the cheapest sr22 insurance in 2022:

Your insurance company can file the document with your state if you already have car insurance. Many insurers offer SR-22 certificates. The cost of the certificate itself is possibly a filing fee as low as $25 or so. Although, a car insurance policy may be more expensive than you were paying before you demanded an SR-22. This may be because the insurance company considers you a higher risk.

Although not all car insurance companies give an SR-22, so you may have to change your initial insurance company.

If you’re buying a new car insurance policy, try out companies on our list of cheapest sr22 car insurance companies.

Once you obtain the SR-22 certification, the insurance company will file it with the state on your behalf. Afterward, you can get a suspended or revoked license reinstated, assuming you’ve met any other conditions imposed by your state.

How Much Does An SR22 Cost per Month

The cost to file for the cheapest SR-22 car insurance is generally inexpensive and is usually about $25, depending on factors determined by your state or insurance company.

After paying the filing fee, the fee varies from company to company, state to state, and the gravity of the circumstance.

In your auto insurance rates, you may encounter hurdles against getting the cheapest insurance for SR22. The increase usually results from whatever problem caused the requirements for an SR22.

For instance, if a driver has been involved in too many traffic defaults, caused too many car mishaps, caught driving without insurance, or has a DUI conviction, the driver is likely to pay more for car insurance.

However, if your SR-22 was not a result of driving defaults or a lapse in your insurance history, an SR-22 might not greatly influence your car insurance rates. For instance, if a judge orders a driver to file an SR-22 because he didn’t pay child support, that won’t affect the driver’s auto insurance rates.

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Quotes For SR22 Insurance

To get an SR22, you must first obtain a Quote for SR22 insurance. What is Quote for SR22 insurance?

A quote for sr22 insurance is an electronic media document that shows the amount you’ll pay for your car insurance.

The cost of SR-22 insurance will depend on the scenario that led to the state requiring an SR-22. Unlike some minor cases, more severe offenses can result in a higher rate. A DUI conviction usually leads to a requirement to file an SR-22.

If it is provided as a print document, your car insurance quote will be made and given to you by an insurance agent, the carrier, or by mail. When quotes for sr22 insurance is an electronic media, your car insurance quote will be a page on a website or a PDF sent via email.

Factors That Can Influence Quotes For SR22 Insurance

AgeDriving RecordLocationType Spec

Cheapest SR22 Insurance In 2022

SR22 insurance can vary widely depending on factors like location or insurance company. This implies that the cost of SR22 will not be the same for states and insurance companies. Different insurers offer their services at different rates depending on the situation, location, etc. This is why we have researched and found the cheapest insurance for SR22 in 2022.

USAA is the cheapest SR22 car insurance company but is limited to only current and former military persons, spouses, and children.

They offer highly esteemed service at an average of $838 a year, which makes it the first on our list of cheapest SR22 insurance companies.

The second on our list of cheapest SR22 car insurance is Progressive. It offers services to the general public at an average annual rate of $1,058 for drivers with a DUI case.

Here is a tabular representation of the cheapest SR22 car insurance companies:

CompanyAverage Annual Rate1USAA$8382Progressive$1,0583Farmers$1,1304Country Financial$1,3335Geico$1,3546Nationwide$1,4617AAA$1,4968Allstate$1,5039Travelers$1,64610Metlife$2,859

These rates represent averages of a minimum coverage policy and does not include the general filing cost of about $25 that may vary from state to state.

According to, here are the cheapest SR22 insurance company in each state for drivers with a DUI violation:

StateAverage Annual CostCheapest SR22 Insurance CompaniesCheapest Company Average AnnualCostAlabama$1,002USAA$574Alaska$760USAA$543Arizona$958Progressive$580Arkanus$1,087Southern Farm Bureau$481California$1,858Mercury$948Colorado$1,078USAA$556Connecticut$1,629State Farm$817Delaware!,439USAA$615Florida$1,1790USAA$775Georgia$1,651State Farm$860Hawaii$1,570State Farm$478Idaho$615State Farm$313Illinois$1,149Mercury$486Indiana$597Progressive$435Iowa$587State Farm$302Kansas$692American Family$376Kentucky$1,546State Farm$470Louisiana$2,267Southern Farm Bureau$1,031Maine$550State Farm$374Maryland$1,891Erie$963Massachusetts$1,025Plymouth Rock Assurance$560Michigan$9,991Nationwide$1,190Minnesota$1,457State Farm$670Mississippi$904USAA$519Missouri$950USAA$346Montana$903State Farm$369Nebraska$835State Farm$413Nevada$1,487State Farm$970New Hamsphire$780USAA$360New Jersey$1,997New Jersey Manufacturers$932New Mexico$1,096State Farm$550New York$3,957USAA$1,536North Carolina$1,819Nationwide$1,234North Dakota$643Nodak Mutual$324Ohio$732USAA$357Oklahoma$952State Farm$536Oregon$1,177USAA$778Pennsylvania$1,586USAA$499Rhode Island$1,880State Farm$430South Carolina$983State Farm$625South Dakota$590State Farm$354Tennessee$788State Farm$430Texas$988Farmers$621Utah$1,028USAA$666Vermont$715USAA$322Virginia$772State Farm$434Washington$1,1214State Farm$550Washington, D.C.$967Erie$643West Virginia$858State Farm$434Wisconsin$958USAA$360Wyoming$528State Farm$272


Getting the cheapest SR22 companies in 2022 can be a bit hard. Well, with our list of most affordable SR22 car insurance companies, you are covered and confident of top-notch service.

However, The price of an SR22 costs per month also depends on certain factors like location and circumstance that led to the requirement of SR22 insurance.


How much is SR-22 in Utah?

SR-22 insurance in Utah costs an average of $823 per year, an increase of 10% compared to standard car insurance rates. In addition to an increased premium, it costs between $15 and $25 to file an SR-22 form in Utah, depending on the insurance company.

How much is an SR-22 in NH?

SR-22 is not insurance, but rather a certificate that acts as proof that the driver holds the minimum auto insurance required by the state. The average cost to file an SR-22 certificate in New Hampshire ranges between $15 and $25 depending on your age, gender, driving history, and credit score.

How long do you have to have SR-22 insurance in Nebraska?

for 3 years
You need an SR-22 in Nebraska for 3 years. That means drivers must maintain at least the minimum car insurance coverage required by Nebraska law for 3 years.

Does an SR-22 make insurance go up?

An SR22 insurance will increase your car insurance rates by an average of $1,300 per year. If you have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, you will need to get an SR22 certificate to keep your driving privileges


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